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 Sauna facilities for private groups

Sauna in Kakslauttanen

The largest smoke sauna in the world is located in the East Village of Kakslauttanen.
There are three smoke saunas in the area, biggest one is for up to 40 people and smaller two are for 15 people for each. Refreshing swimming in the cold spring water, both in winter and summer.
The sauna experience is complemented by spacious cooling rooms, washrooms and locker rooms. Smoke sauna represents an ancient Finnish tradition. Sauna takes care of the soul and body, and releases energy. There are also two smoke saunas in the West Village of Kakslauttanen. Kakslauttanen is located in 10 km to the south from the center of Saariselkä.

Sauna in Kiilopää

The Sauna World of Kiilopää is called Kuurakaltio. There are two electric saunas with dressing rooms and showers, as well as a traditional Finnish smoke sauna. There are separate sauna facilities for men and women. After the sauna, take a dip into the refreshing Kiilopuro fell brook! In wintertime the water temperature is approx. -1 ºC, in summer the temperature varies from + 5 ºC to +15 ºC. Kiilopää is located in 16 km to the south from the center of Saariselkä.

Sauna in Laanilan Kievari

There are two saunas in Laanila Kievari. Larger sauna for up to 30 people and smaller for 8 people.
There is the hot tub for 10 people on the terrace of the larger sauna. Laanilan Kievari is located in 2 km to the south from the center of Saariselkä.

Sauna in Northern Lights Village

Sauna facilities are in a separate building neraby the iglu village. The sauna area for 20 people includes electric sauna, dressing room, hot tub, cold pool and arctic toilet. The shower is in the sauna. The hot tub for 10 people and the cold pool are on the teraace of the sauna.
The temperature in the cold pool is +2 to +6 celsius degrees. Northern Lights Village is located in nearby the center of Saariselkä.

Sauna in Santa’s Hotel Tunturi

Sauna is located on the ground floor of the Kontio building. It is maximum for 12 people.
There are sitting room with fire place, dining room, dressing room, sauna, showers and jacuzzi. Santa’s Hotel Tunturi is located in the center of Saariselkä.

Sauna, Taimenjärvi

The sauna is traditional Finnish sauna. Water into the sauna and hot tub as well will brought
in from the small creek nearby. Sauna, water and hot tub are heated traditionaly by wood.
Maximum for 16 people. The sauna building has a dressing room. There is a hut in the same yard where you can, for example, dine by the open fire. Taimenjärvi is located in 10 km to the north from the center of the Saariselkä.